Про нас Додаток iRealty

This is modern web-based application to automate process of managing real estate properties. This application is suitable for individual owners, real estate agents and management companies. Well designed architecture of the application alowes efficiently manage large amount of data by many companies and from any kind of device.

Application provides several types of subscriptions of terms. It's also possible to take trial usage of the application upto 90 days. Trial version of the application has very little differences and limitations comparing to the full one.


Here are number of features to easily manage your properties. Application brings oportunity to efficiently work with either single or group of properties from the office or remotely.


This application gives set of abilities to build your custom business workflows around property management. There sre also set of functions to schedule certain types of activities.


Application provides number of functions in order to collaborate with 3rd-party service providers. This gives ability to easily manage maintenance of your properties.


We provide modern responsive design of the application to make it fully functioning on any kind of device. That includes powerfull office PCs, laptops, tablets and smartfones.

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